Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dominating every range: Kaopon Lek vs Eimers (video)

Interesting fight between Thai legend Kaopon Lek and  Eimers.


Personal analysis: One thing I noticed about the first couple rounds in particular was Kaopon Lek's intimate knowledge of range. While he did have evasive skill, Kaopon Lek really wasn't using a lot of it in the beginning...yet Eimers had trouble landing clean strikes. You might notice for the first two rounds, Eimers throws a lot of hands that don't quite make it, while Kaopon Lek responds immediately with dynamite kicks that land solidly. The minute Eimers is actually close enough to land his hands, K-lek engages then press forward with knees, clinch and elbows.

Sometimes it takes fighters a round to really figure out their range...where they need to be to use what weapon. K-lek is an example of a guy who's training and  experience have made him naturally aware of what he can land, where he can land it and when. That aspect of the game alone allows him to be in control of the fight at any range.

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