Friday, May 18, 2012

Want to Train?

Good point from Kru Nick Bautista...something a beginner to the sport may want to consider.

"Just a thought...

Training 1x/week= Little benefit. Our bodies get in good shape when we spend more than we take in (food). Training once a week simply isn't enough to combat the other 6 days of sedentary life style and food. Skill wise, it's not enough practice or instruction for any technical improvement to occur.

2x/week= Some benefit. Depending on how hard one trains when they attend, 2x/week can be very effective, BUT you have to bust your ASS. No breaks, no slacking. You also must be very diligent with your technique. What you lack in time, you can make up for in quality.

3x/week and up= Much benefit. Your training more than the average and will most likely experience above average conditioning and technique. Be careful to not overtrain and under nourish. Eat Nutrient dense foods and REST. Those who train this often are like high powered machines that have needs. Fail to provide the needs and your machine will fail you. Get proper nutrition and proper rest and improvements will grow by the bounds."

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