Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Every day, you are given the choice to be strong.

Have you heard the following recently?
"Man, I haven't seen that guy in forever. He lost a lot of weight"
"What? He's a fighter now? Since when?"
"Look at all these people. They are probably all way better than me" How long have you put off training?  

Motivation is NOT easy. I can totally sympathize. It's not only an issue for new students, but old students as well (ie. who may have taken time off).

For both types of students, the thought of the difficult training they must put in can be daunting. Training suddenly becomes low on the priority list.

Let yourself struggle. Let yourself be humbled. You didn't start Muay Thai or consider starting it because you thought you were already a ninja master. You go to the gym BECAUSE it's difficult. You go because, in order to build yourself, you have to do a little breaking. It's science...that's how muscles grow. In the end, that's what makes it rewarding.

Puke or not, you did it. You do it. You continue to do it. In spite of how hard it is, or what anyone else has ever told you.

Every day you put it off is a day you could have been building. It's NEVER too late. You COULD put off training for another day or even month, but you'd probably regret letting yourself go even more. So start now, and thank yourself later.

Choosing to be strong is not suppose to be easy. Your team at York will help you as much as they can, but it's a decision only you can make.

That being said, YMT's new schedule will be in effect today. Check the side bar for details. We have the instructors, hours, classes and team mates...go use them!

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