Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekend Fight Entertainment: PKP recap and Glory Final

If you haven't already heard about the controversy that went down during Push Kick Promotions in Vegas last night (Sat the 28th), then you certainly have some catching up to do.
You can read all about it here:
*Needless to say, the post fight comments (if you can find them on Youtube) added to the fire.

Either way, it's done. Now the fans are left to wonder when the rematch will be lined up. I (the blogger, not York Muay Thai or Kru Jen) personally feel Simon doesn't really need to fight Chidi again to prove his dominance, but he may not want to let that draw on his record be the ending to their saga...At least his post fight interview didn't sound like it.

One fun tidbit was Ajahn Suchart rocking a York Muay Thai hoodie while cornering Simon. Ajahn is always wearing all of his different student's school logos whenever he can.

OK then! Moving along now. While those shocking events hit a little close to home for us Torontonians, the next bit may be a more entertaining.

Just after Simon and Chidi faced off in Vegas, Joe Schilling and Artem Levin met for the Glory Middle Weight Tournament championship in L.A.   Glory is kickboxing = limited grab knees, clinch and elbows prohibited. BUT if those are the rules you are willing to fight under, it is THE promotion to be on. Glory lines up some of the best strikers against each other in tournament format.

So...Artem and Joe Schilling? I think everyone figured Artem to make it to the finals. Schilling? Probably not as much. However, if we've learned anything about him from his fights with Simon, it's that the guy is determined to bang. And that, if nothing else, always makes for a good fight.

Joe Schilling vs Artem Levin by SM020886

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