Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sahila's fight at SHEFights!

Strong performance last night by Sahila on the first ever SHEfights event! It was a very close 3 round battle against a good opponent. Our girl steadily upped her pace each round, gaining heavy momentum in the final. Unfortunately she was then hit with a blow that off balanced her and was given an 8 count. She was unhurt and got up immediately, but a fighter downed from a strike will almost always be counted, especially in amateur bouts.

These things happen in our sport and are just a lesson for us to improve our defense so that there are no questions. It is a lesson we will definitely take into our training going forward. Overall, we are beyond proud of how much she has grown. She'll be back stronger, smarter and just as determined. 

Thanks to all of the #ymteam who came out in force to let the people know we were supporting our girl!! Looking forward to more fights for us in April!

#noexcuses #noeasyfights #shortpeoplecanclinchtoo #cantbebroken


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