Thursday, January 22, 2009

WE ARE BACK! Come out on Tuesday (January 27th!)

Sawadeekha YUMT Members,

Due to countless efforts from the Team at YUMT and Natalie Yip, I am pleased to announce that York has decided to allow the Muay Thai classes to start.

We start THIS Tuesday (January 27!!)

I am very happy to announce our return as many of you were dying to train again.
Your enthusiasm, patience and loyalty throughout this matter was appreciated and will not soon be forgotten.

The cost has changed and it\'s in our favour!
Please check with Customer Services for more information.

Now with all that being said.. WE HAVE WORK TO DO!

Mark these dates down on your calendar cause we are back in the game!

Mid February, 2009 - Siam No.1\'s famous Blue Shorts Test with Ajahn Suchart.
February 28th, 2009 - Sparfest at The Kombat Arts Training Academy.
March 1st, 2009 - a tentative date for Sparfest with another gym.

You will need YUMT t-shirts to represent at these events so click here to see pictures of them, and grab some off of me in class! $20 each.

Let\'s start with a nasty, snowy group run before class at 5:30pm in front of Tait.

Another great YUMT event coming soon.. stay tuned!!

PLEASE NOTE: There is a mandatory meeting for all fighters and senior students Sunday at 6pm at Kru\'s house. This will be to discuss fight opportunities, training and upcoming events.

125 George Appleton Way, unit 2021
Keele and the 401 behind the Canadian Tire gas station
People can take the subway to Wilson station and we can pick people up.

If you cannot make it please stay after class on Tuesday and I will update you on what was discussed.

Khap Khun Kha,

Kru Jenypher.

They will run for 14 weeks at no extra cost to the students. Students registering for 8 weeks will also have an additional 2 weeks bonus. If once academic classes resume we will add the other MA classes, Students will have an option to buy into the drop in portion at an additional cost.

At the moment we will run Muay Thai, Tue/Thr 6:30-8:30pm , Sat 2-4pm and Sun 12-1:30pm, Studio 4, as per our regular schedule.

Jan 27-April 5 (10 weeks)
Student/Member $170, Non-Member $190

Jan 27- May 3rd (14 weeks)
Student/Member $255, Non-Member $275

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