Sunday, February 21, 2010

Places to Visit!

Here are links to websites that we support and think you should visit:
You can now have access to the YMT blog through the official York Muay Thai website! Visit the link and stay tuned to everything on the site itself :)
Ken Sylvan is probably the most knowledgable in the health and fitness and industry. He and Bharat Oza not only talk the talk, but walk the walk...Trust me, the talk is good. The walk? Even better. Check out his site for tips and blog posts on everything from lifting to how to sleep better. You can also check Ken out at YMT on Sundays, hosting Jungle Training!
Some great training apparel for the female fighter, and a sponsor for many professional female fighters including our own Kru Jen Nick Bautista's blog for his Muay Thai school. Some great articles and videos here. PC Nick takes a very holistic approach to Muay Thai and I encourage you to peruse this blog often

Siamno1.comOur Ajahn Suchart's gym and Canadian Muay Thai news
Our good friends from Scarborough, Southside is run by Kru Mikey Perez and Kru Pete Arcalas. Kru Mikey has compiled some great resources on his own blog as well

www.kbbrummen.nlKickboxing Brummen gym- home of Linda Ooms!

*this list will be evolving*

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