Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thanks Ken for a Great Seminar!

York Muay Thai would like to thank Ken Sylvan for a great seminar on Nutrition, Training and opening up our knowledge to being effective athletes.

One thing Ken talked about was that at 4 weeks out (or 4 weeks until an event), you can't really build too much with your performance; You are pretty much at the point where you are working with what you got.

So for our advanced guys, you need to be training hard or at least consistently if you want to be able to participate in sparfests or fights. It's something we've been telling you all the time: you need to work if you want something, especially at the advanced levels. Now you have another perspective on this: you will end up shooting yourself in the foot as far as maximizing your performance if you're not working.
For everyone else, if you're looking to work your way up, or test, this is also important.

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