Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Write up for the York Muay Thai fighters in Calgary at H2H Retribution

Here are the official write ups for York Muay Thai's fighters performances in Calgary over the weekend!

"Ari Markle (Calgary, Canada) vs. Nic Du Preez (Toronto, Canada)

Calgarian Ari Markle battled with Toronto's Nic Du Preez. The fight started off quite close. Du Preez opened with some kicks but was to immediately pounce to vicious elbow attacks.
One did score and gave the Calgarian a cut above the right eye. Markle was to fight back but started to hesitate on pulling the trigger. Du Preez was almost always first off the line. By the third round, Markle seemed flat footed and was hesitating on attacking.
This encouraged Du Preez to pressure forward for a KO, but he just could not find it. Nic Du Preez won by unanimous decision. Du Preez was to win the Roy Lilley Trophy of the event for the Best Visiting Athlete."

"Mark MacKinnon (Calgary, Canada) vs. Brian Trinh (Toronto, Canada)

This bout opened with Thinh pressing forward and trying to land his right hand on the taller MacKinnon. A few landed which brought immediate respect from the Calgary athlete.
In rounds two and three, MacKinnon decided he did not like getting punched and he used his roundhouse kick to the body and use very well placed teep's to keep Trinh at bay.
Trinh fought back gamely but had a difficult time getting through the long kicks to score his right hand. A unanimous decision went to Mark MacKinnon."

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