Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kem vs Prakaysaeng Sitoar (video)

Ok, so I got a little greedy in my last post. I posted a fight that wasn't really too crazy save for one round or so, simply because I'm a big fan of both fighters. However, Sudsakorn and Kem didn't necessarily have an epic battle of violent proportions. New comers to MT may not appreciate the skill they displayed.

Here's a vid of Kem vs Prakaysaeng Sitoar, in a rematch between the two. This is a good one in my opinion. The fight just keeps escalating...there's a good mix of technique and aggression. At one point I couldn't keep track of what was being thrown...elbows to knees to kicks to punches. Stick with it to the end; you'll be glad you did.

It really is too bad that the camera work of Lumpini fights isn't better. You can't hear the impact of some of these kicks.

Anyhow, enjoy the action!


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