Monday, June 6, 2011

TBA Muay Thai Classic Tournament Results!

York Muay Thai would like to acknowledge and congratulate Mike Zhang and Patrick Wallace for taking home the championships this weekend!

They are the 2011 TBA tournament B class champions in the Light Welterweight and Middleweight divisions respectively!

Leo made it to the final but an old injury prevented him from getting the gold. Arash made it to the semi's and lost against the eventual champion of his bracket. PC Cam, Niloofar, Tbook and Sweaty fought hard fights but were eliminated in the prelims.

The corners and coaches for the team were Kru Jen, PC Brian Naidu, PC David Kim and Durst. Kru Mikey Perez from Southside also assisted in cornering when we had fighters in overlapping bouts.

We would also like to congratulate Eric Noble (Victory MT), Raul (Southside), Bruce (SS), Ian (SS), Lucas (P4P), Benson (Krudar), Tiffany (Krudar), Derrick (Warrior) for bringing home the belts in their respective divisions!

I may be forgetting some other noteworthy finalists, but overall, the Canadians represented well!

A special thanks to these schools for their support and help during the weekend. The other Kru's were there to jump in and do what they could when the York team had fighters competing simultaneously.

Both Kru Jen and PC Brian Naidu were helping with the officiating for the tournament...a job that started as early as 8am and ended as late as 11pm. We would like to thank Jenny, Rod, Carm and Durst for assisting and supporting the team during this hectic and exciting weekend.

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