Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Angel Boxer's defense

As we head into a week focus on defense, here is a Thai legend Poot Lorlek demonstrating the basic foundation behind our study...

Some background behind Poot:

Poot was a Thai boxer with very colorful tactics, and is a real pleasure to watch. Sharp eyes, remarkable agility and speed was his trademark.

All these elements help explain why he was dubbed "The Angel Boxer." It was simply because he was rarely beaten. Out of some 80 matches, he was never knocked out, or even counted down: Poot was the star of his time remaining at its height for seven years from 1970-1977.

His records said it all. Poot once successfully took the Junior Featherweight championship from Samyar Singsorntorn. But he eventually had to relinquish the championship, simply because no one dared to challenge him. Poot was one of those Thai boxers who often encountered opponents heavier than himself. His skills and speed, however, helped him to come out on top always.

Poot eventually had to turn to international boxing because it became hard for him to find a challenger in Thai boxing. 

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