Friday, December 5, 2014

York Muay Thai Teep Lovin Video

At YMT, our focus is always technique first, power then speed. Strategy/timing is another big focus but it is embedded in our curriculum: how we train our drills and understand our technique. This is one of the reasons why we have a monthly focus: a technique that takes the forefront of our classes each month and gives us a chance to really dive into the details.

We truly believe in strong basics being the path to victory. Function over flash: Simple techniques applied at the right time.  In honour of Teep month, here are some clips of our amateur athletes throwing very simple push kicks...but with effective timing.

When we think of timing, we need to ask ourselves what means...what the desired effect is. A teep is not simply a kick that pushes, nor is it a "front kick." Teeps can create space for another weapon (which means the amount of space created will differ depending on the intended follow up), disrupt an assault, cause intimidation, control the available space in the battlefield, misdirect the opponent's intended strategy...etc etc. In other words, there is always a context. Whenever you watch fights, or even this video of our boys, think about why the technique is being thrown and whether or not it is  effective in its use.

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