Thursday, March 5, 2015

FREE Kali Escrima on Saturday March 14!

There is a lot going on at YMT this month!

On Sat March 14, we are offering a FREE Kali Escrima class. We are hoping you love it!
But just what IS it? Well, we could show you better than we could tell you:

If you don't have time to watch, I'll sum it up by saying you'll be getting a mix of weaponry AND hand to hand combat. Some extra flavour to add to your Muay Thai training and give you more options with a tool(s) in hand.

Then of course, later than night will be our "Kru of Muay Thai" day celebrations at Siam no 1.
The actual day is March 17, but we will be celebrating with the community on the 14th. Also known as Boxers day or Nai Khanomtom day, we pay respect to the original Kru of Muay Thai, and those that have followed his path and taught us.

Click to enlarge:

If the York University strike is still going on, hopefully you'll be able to grab our Strike special...the last strike lasted almost 3 months long and many of our students had been through it. Training at this price will be a steal and help you pass the time productively!

Click to enlarge

We also have our YMT Fam Fix Up Night on Sunday March the 22nd!  Grab some pizza, pop and let's make the gym even more awesome than it was before!

Flags will go up so if you happened to have a 3x5 flag of your country and want to rep it bring it in and we will get it up!

We will be setting up a small cooking station for people like Science guy.

We will also be putting on a brand new bright red canvas for the ring!

After please enjoy some pizza and pop on us!

Last but not least, come out for some LIVE Muay Thai exhibition bouts...March 28th!
York Muay Thai's big, beautiful red ring will host some of Tdot's best amateur talent as well as young up and comers in some exciting demo battles!  Don't miss it!

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