Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Inspiration

Must read!! It's Monday, so here's a little pick me up. In response to a series of misunderstandings and jokes that led to a beginner student naming Mike Zhang as the "gym model", he wrote this beautiful message:

"Wow! haha this student has made my day! This is amazing; however in my humble opinion, YMT is an environment filled with dedicated and motivated individuals. Moreover, I have always looked towards our yellow shorts/beginners for motivation. 
They inspire me because they arrive at a new environment, new sport and through the difficult obstacles they continue to dedicate themselves 100%. There are too many to list but off the top of my head (tagged): Misha Sinkovsky, Nick Lopetegui, my boy SHAPOR, Khris G. Calayca, Tremaine Goldson, Carmen Nguyen Rory Della Libera, Janice Kwan, Vlad, Michelle Vnh (I apologize if I missed you) . 
THESE type of individuals are whom I consider as gym models that I personally look up to. Regardless, I am absolutely honored someone would say that "

Beginner, intermediate, or're grind matters, and whether you know it or not: it is appreciated.

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