Monday, April 6, 2009

Get Running, Get Sprinting!

Group runs meet at 5:45 in the lobby of Tait. This Tuesday, fighters need to start their stair sprints again. This means the fighters should do the 2km route to warm up and then head to the stairs for sprints, every Tuesday.

Brian and I trying to beat our previous time on the sprint

A big high five (I don't know what else to give you) to all the students who have picked up on the running and are getting out there this semester:
Yvgennia, Kevin, Kari, Longdy, Niloo (I may be forgetting people...).

I've seen you guys pick up the running and push yourselves each time before class. Every time I've waited around for the group run, I've seen some of these people show up. I know the others are trying to run on their own according to their schedules.


  1. When does Poo Choi sleep? You train hard, you are a fantastic friend, you are in university yet you STILL find time to crop still images from a video for our viewing pleasure.

    We must bow down to our Poo Choi. He is starting to make your Kru look like a lazy ass.

  2. I do what I can for the things I care about.