Friday, April 10, 2009

Siam Woodbridge Drop in Classes for Seniors

As most of you know, a select few of the fighters/seniors were offered the chance to train at Siam no1 Woodbridge for the weekend as Tait is closed. However, in a spell of douchebaggery, some of us had plans come up and did not tell Kru until it was too late (well, I'm speaking as if it were all of us, which is not be the case. But anyways...)

So, this is just a notice for any of the other seniors who were offered and plan to go that the regular drop in fee is in order. As well, an apology from myself and whoever else to Kru, who always works to keep us training.

Just a reminder for all of us that it is our responsibility to keep her informed about our training, availabilities etc, (ex. if we are going to be missing a session) and especially when she is trying to give us special arrangements to go elsewhere to train.

Some people send me msgs since I may be easier to contact (if you see me on campus or post on facebook). However, please try to reach Kru directly first, or at least carbon copy her on any msgs you send me regarding training.

Anyways it looks like its going to be great weather to run.

Happy long/Easter weekend.

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  1. Thanks Cam, I don't understand why students would not contact Kru Lindor or myself first and why they would go to you. Strange. Most have my facebook, email and phone contact info.

    I can appreciate the respect they have for you but in the end all you will do is contact us.. so why not spare you in the first place.

    Students, Poo Choi Cam needs a life too! Leave him alone! lol.