Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Proxy Sites!

Here is a post mainly for Kru, Arash and Niloo, who have complained work has blocked favourite web pages. I'm not saying you SHOULD surf at work, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to check your email right?

"All Proxy Sites maintains a list of currently active proxy sites which enable visitors to browse the web anonymously.

These proxy sites are extremely useful to circumvent content filters like SmartFilter and WebSense. This allows people to browse the web unhindered at school or work."

Note that some proxy sites are blocked from work places already. If so...just google "proxy sites" and keep looking for one that works. It shouldn't be too hard as I've tested it on other "workplace computers" before.

If the YUMT blog get blocked from work (!), you'll know how to view it. :)

Hope this works for you.


  1. Anything that has proxies anywhere in it is blocked.
    Looks like my IT dept has thought of it all.

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