Saturday, June 27, 2009

SPOILER results for Champions of Champions 2

The fights are now over, and we wish Kru a fun and safe journey back home from Jamaica.

So I managed to catch the online PPV stream for CoC2, contrary to what I thought earlier.

A few things: the stream was messy, it cut out many times, it started over an hour late...I'm not satisfied with the service. That said, they are going to let me view the fights (and anyone else who payed for them) as many times as I want on the website in a day's time. I'm not sure but I think people who bought the tv PPV might be screwed. Otherwise...the fights were pretty epic!


*All photos by Harmen Bakker*

1. WMC 63 kg. World Title
Andrei Kubelin (Belarus) def. Mosab Amrani (Holland) by unanimous decision (46-49,46-50,47-49)

2. WMC World Junior Middleweight Title
Buakaw Por. Pmuark (Thailand) def. John Wayne Parr (Australia) by unanimous decision (49-48,49-46,50-49)

3. WMC World Super Light Heavyweight Title
Clifton Brown (Canada) def. Kaoklai Kennorasing (Thailand) by unanimous decision (48-47,48-47,48-47)

4. WMC World Championship
Nathan “Carnage” Corbett vs. (Australia) Tyrone “King of the Ring” (Suriname) (NO CONTEST)

5. WMC World Super Middleweight Title
Eugene Ekkelboom (Australia) def. Rayen Siimson (Holland) by TKO (arm injury) Rd.4, 0:14

6. WMC 61.5 kg. World Title (Harrison could not win Title due to not making weight)
Anuwat Keawsamrit (Thailand) def. Liam Harrison (England) by TKO (leg kicks) Rd.3, 0:46

7. WMC Middleweight Title
Yodsaenklai Fairtex (Thailand) def. Cosmo Alexandre (Brazil) by KO (leg kicks) Rd.4, 0:25

8. WMC World Super Lightweight Women’s Title
Julie Kitchen (England) def. Angela Riviera-Parr (Australia) by unanimous decision (49-47,50-46,49-4Cool

9. WMC Intercontinental Middleweight Rank #1 Title
Marco Pique (Holland) def. Sean Wright (Schotland) by KO (punch) Rd.1, 1:48

10. WMC World Heavyweight Title
Paul Slowinski (Poland) def. Patrice Quarteron (France) by KO (punch) Rd.1

If any of these are wrong, I'll correct them as soon as I find out. I was up till 4am watching these fights (3 am JA time), and I missed the last 2...

Also, congratulations to Kru Clifton Brown for keeping his WMC world title!

More details about the fights and/or pictures will be posted...

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