Monday, June 29, 2009

Stefan Fox announces names for Contender Asia Season 2

During the broadcast of Champions of Champions 2, Stefan Fox (mentor on Contender Asia and also VP of the WMC) announced some fighters that will be involved in the highly anticipated Contender Asia Season 2.

I'm writing this all from memory...

Click on each name for more info on the fighter or coach

The two head coaches for Contender Asia Season 2 are to be:

Clifton Brown (CAN)

Ray Sefo (NZ)

Stefan announced the following fighters as confirmed for the show:

Marco Pique (Holland)

Eli Madigan (Australia)

Cedric Muller (France)

Duane Ludwig (U.S.A)

*These are the names Stefan announced. I know there are other fighters who have already been in the talks for being on the show, some of which I probably mentioned in previous posts.

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