Monday, June 8, 2009

TBA tournament results for York Muay Thai

This weekend, Kru Jen flew out with Poochois Brian, Nic and Cam to compete in the TBA sanctioned Muay Thai classic Tournament in Des Moines, Iowa.

All of our fighters stayed true to Muay Thai and fought with traditional technique, heart, and upheld the integrity of our sport.

Quick results:

Round 1
- Brian wins by stoppage against friendly competitor from Southside and moves on to next fight
- Nic wins unanimous decision against a good clincher and moves on to next fight
- Cam gets a "bye" into the next round

Round 2
- Brian loses by unanimous decision that most of us see as controversial.
- Nic strong opponent, and shows incredible heart. Nic loses unanimous decision
- Cam fights stronger opponent and loses after round 1 by towel. Kru Jen made the right decision after seeing the first round. I appreciate Kru for stepping in and putting my well being first. I accept that I lost to a better fighter and will learn from it.

All of our opponents were very friendly and respectful. It was great to see the respect.

All things considered, we are a young group and we received a lot of praise from gyms from all over the place for our technique and heart. York Muay Thai gained a lot of recognition.

As well, Kru managed to corner and prepare all 3 of us with our fights very tight together, as well as help out other Canadians in the tournament. It was a hectic day that exhausted her as much as the rest of us, and she managed to pull it together like she was 3 people.

A congratulations to our friends from Southside who did very well. Mikey and Sheldon both brought home the championships from their weight class and experience division.

Pictures of our trip will follow!

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  1. Cheers to the three fighters for repping YUMT, and of course to Kru Jenypher for making all this possible. This gym has come a long way. And we'll keep on getting better! I can't wait to see the vids