Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fighter Profile: Samkor Keatmontep

AKA: Batman
Height: 172cm
Fight Weight: 62kgs
Fight Style: Southpaw
Nationality: Thai
Representing:Burilam,Thailand; MTPlaza2004Gym
Professional Record 150Fights: 120W/27L/3D
* Former Lumpini Champion Jr Featherweight
* Former Lumpini Champion Jr Lightweight
* Former Lumpini Champion Lightweight
* Former Thailand Champion 135lbs

Samkor was one bad mother shut-your-mouth in his prime. A famous Southpaw who could win fights with left leg alone, he also had some great elbows. Watch the highlight video...he just moves guys with that one kick.

However as of late, Samkor's been facing younger guys...and he's not exactly in tip top shape like he used to be. He's had mixed results

Samkor's very close win over the younger Contender Asia star, David Paquette



For more: Search youtube...or go to the "related videos" box in the highlights. It's not hard to find Samkor on the net

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