Monday, August 31, 2009

Watching Fights

Watch fights! Especially Thais.I post a lot of them here, of course. The key is to watch the pace of the fight, the timing of the exchanges and other characteristics of the fight that highlight effectiveness...You should definitely watch for all the things that you have learned from your instructors.

For me, it has been weeks since I really sat down and watched an entire MT fight. However, going back and watching the very last fight I posted here (Orono and Namkabuan), it was a great refresher on how real Muaythai style exchanges are handled. I like it because its a great way to remind me of all the holes in my own performances and where to really work on.

Whether it's returning right away after being hit, proper exchanging in the clinch or really working that teep (push kick) with correct timing, make sure you are watching fights to pick up or remind yourself of the most useful tactics used in Muaythai

Lastly, try to judge a traditional Muaythai fight. See if you can pick out the winner. It's a great exercise in expanding your knowledge of the game!

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