Friday, August 24, 2012

Champions Party Event at YMT (Sept 9): Help Needed!

*For Members who can/want to volunteer, please see bottom of this post!

"We had 27 Champions from Canada in that Tournament!
It's time to celebrate and show off the Swag.

This event will begin with a BBQ, host 10 Muay Thai exhibitions, video highlight reel of the Canadians at The TBA Tournament!

3:00pm BBQ Starts, people mingle and take their seats.
3:30pm Demo's start
4:30pm Honour the Canadian TBA Champions 2012 -presentation.
5:00pm Demonstrations resume.
6:00pm Raffle giveaway.

$20 at Door.
BBQ is separate. Please buy food ticket at the front door.

Every 50th person (ticket holders) that pass through the doors will be given a 1 month pass FREE to YMT. (Transferrable.)

Do we have interest in ANOTHER push up competition? Winner wins 50% of the money made. $10 per entry?"
Volunteers Needed!- YMT members and friends who want to volunteer, PLEASE SEE KRU'S OFFICE DOOR OR ANDREA TO SIGN UP. We need max 12 volunteers to help with set up and other aspects of running the party. Volunteers get free admission of course. 
Khap Khun Khap

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