Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Keep Up" - Boonlai vs Chatchai (video)

This is a great fight between two legends for the Lumpinee featherweight belt. One of the reasons it's so fun to watch is also one of characteristics that define Muay Thai in general: these guys don't let their opponent have any free shots. They are always playing keep up. Boonlai scores a big kick, Chatchai responds back right away. Chatchai nails him with a knee, Boonlai returns with his own bomb technique.They don't wait either. They are so solid with their stance/footwork that they can strike back very quickly at full force.

In some MT fights, the difference between a win and a loss can be as close as missing a strike, or not being the last one to land in an exchange. This actually happened once in  Lumpinee between Saenchai and Neungsiam. Saenchai just edged Neungsiam out on points because Neungsiam wasn't able to land one kick. Otherwise, the fight might have been a draw.

"Keep up" is an important concept on Muay Thai. Sometimes you'll hear it called "fair trade." Whatever you call it, it's all about giving back whatever you took, and MORE.

Boonlai and Chatchai have an amazing fight because neither wants to give less than they took.


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