Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A War in the Ring

Sent in by one of our students...and there's a couple things you will notice:

The tide in this fight turns more than once. There is more than one moment where it seems like either guy is going to win by a huge KO.

A major factor in this is loose technique. Now hold on...don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to criticize guys who are fighting at a higher level than myself. What I'm getting at is that they aren't being damaged because one guy is smarter or stronger than the other. They are being damaged because of low guards, off hands that aren't protecting and chins that are raised. When you're going 100% in a real fight, it is very hard to control these things.

Whether it is the moving target, emotion or just pressure from the incredible amount of stimuli: form is incredibly hard to maintain in a real and spontaneous situation. Even the absolute best in the world aren't able to keep their form tight all the time. If they did, they would never lose or get hit.

This is why training very hard, but also paying attention to basic form is so important. The more you are used to throwing full power, as well as staying aware of what you're body is doing, the greater chance you will have of retaining that form when things get real.

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