Friday, May 10, 2013

Southpaw Showdown: Yodsanklai vs Sam-A (videos)

Ah....Yodsanklai vs Sam-A.   I had no idea this ever happened until now.

Yodsanklai went on to become one of the most famous middleweight (160 lbs) fighters in the world. With his cracking left kick and bomb left cross, he was either battering people for 5 straight rounds or knocking them out. Aside from his power, he is also known for his patience and timing. Yod has become a household name for his international successes including winning the Contender Asia reality TV series tournament.

Sam-A is one of the top fighters in today in Thailand's circuit. However, he has stayed in at feather weight (126 lbs), which doesn't make it any easier for him as this is the most competitive weight in the country. Unless you follow Thai fighters, you probably haven't heard of him. At 126 lbs, there aren't a ton of international matches being made for him. However, Sam-A also has a strong left kick, but it's the speed of it that is insane. This guy can kick full power several times in a second. This may seem par for the course for a Thai, but Sam-A is one of the best at what he does.

Anyways, I got a little carried away with the background info. I suppose it explains the fan boy perspective I have from seeing these two actually fight. Enjoy the video.

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