Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Andrei Kulebin vs Singmanee Kaewsamrit (video)

Interesting fight sent in by Roman.

It is a very technical bout with an even pace. Check it out and think on a few things...

As the fight goes on, Andrei establishes control of the ring space, moving forward and keeping Singmanee on the ropes with strong strikes and consistent footwork. Singmanee however isn't simply being bullied backwards- he's using his timing and techniques to counter and pick Andrei off. Because he's on the ropes, Andrei is forced to come to him, and so he uses the opportunities to strike.

The question is...who was more effective? What do you think? Do you agree with the judges?

Roman also found this a good example of the Thai footwork/ weight shifting that the students worked on in Kru Jen's Monday night training.

PS. My questions are not necessarily because I disagree with the judges. I'm inviting you to not just passively watch the fight, but try and form your own understanding of it.

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