Thursday, April 23, 2015

Do You Know What Day It Is??

It's Thursday, which means (just like Tuesday), you get PC David running his bootcamp at 6:30!

It's Kru Cam here, telling you a little more about the BC class...

Originally, the bootcamp was a great way to round out the gym schedule by giving students a chance to blast out their cardio and endurance in 1 hour: with exercise, pads and bag work. It evolved into something much more. Some days you can't stay at the gym for too long and need to get in and out...this was one of the purposes the class fulfilled.

Since then, bootcamp has also attracted some super hard core students who are looking to add extra conditioning to their regimen, by doing the bootcamp first before the mixed levels Muay Thai at 7:30. It's become a haven for casual and hardcore enthusiasts alike to utilize the hour.

The preparation to the workouts have also evolved. You can see PC Dave frequently working on his clip board or carrying it around. He meticulously plans every work out, with elements and structure he has been learning from Strength coach/guru Grant Turner, to maximize the effectiveness and safety of the work out. As "balls to the wall" as it gets in bootcamp, you're never doing something random. While it is not a full instructional Muay Thai class, the emphasis on form is still applied to the exercises and bag work to ensure the students are sweating the most without hurting themselves in the long run.

Lastly, the biggest draw here is PC David. He is at once the scariest and sweetest coach in the world. He expects nothing less than your best, pushes you to your limit, but always reminds you that he's on your side. Very few people have his ability to be so strict and loving at the same time. If you ever work out next to him, you'll hear that he actually yells the same stuff at himself that he yells at his students: positive motivation. It still amazes me how driven he is as an individual, and how well he is able to spread that spirit to his students.

Aaaaand don't forget to stay for PC Construction's class at 7:30!  We are lucky to have him!  He is an eternal student of the art of Muay Thai, which means he has an ever growing pool of knowledge to draw from. We are a Muay Thai school after all, and he's one of the best at helping students refine their techniques and strategies. It's worth sticking around to hear some of his stories too. Don't miss it!

Kru Jen and myself will be back at the gym as soon as we are both healed up!

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