Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Elbow Month almost Over

(York Muay Thai Receptionist) Michelle is a beginner in Muay Thai, but quickly learning the basics with Ann Lu 
Muay Thai is known for it's emphasis on damage and effectiveness. The techniques by design are understood as "weapons." Very few people understand this until they see the elbows. Since punching and kicking are normally allowed in other combat sports, elbows tend to be seen as viscous and deadly...so much so that amateur competition usually bans them or limits them to being used with elbow pads. Professional competition in some countries like France also limit them with pads as well, while others limit the style of elbow (12-6 is the most notorious). Elbows among the hardest points of contact in the human body which make them a strong concussive weapon... but they are also incredibly sharp and can cause large gashes on the face.

However, elbows are not always easy to place. The range for them is very specific, as evidenced by the amount of elbows that completely miss the target or land with the forearm (even in professional level Muay Thai). They change the game quite a bit for the competitor not used to throwing them as well. Positions and ranges where one normally feels safe no longer become safe when fighting an opponent who can and will use their elbows. Positioning of the arms and head in clinching changes as well, as many fighters unaccustomed to elbows are used to lifting their head high and not guarding the opponent's biceps.

Lastly, elbows take finesse. Since the arm must be bent in throwing them, you won't generate devastating power from the might of your arm alone. Technique is the king, and must utilize the shoulder and hip correctly to land with power. The power angle of the forearm to bicep will also help create the sharp edge. There are many other small details to pay attention to, which will become natural with repeated, conscious practice.

Come to YMT to learn more on how to use different elbows, both as an attack and as a reversal in these last couple weeks of April!!

Power vs TechniqueSimon ''Bad Bwoy'' Marcus speaks on Thai vs Foreigner training style. Short clip from a mini documentary coming soon!!!!#infightstyle #muaythai #badbwoy #siamno1
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