Saturday, April 4, 2015

Lamnamoon Sor Sumalee Highlight

In honour of knee month ending, here is Lamnamoon! He developed a reputation for having a strong knee game, earning the nickname "Telephone Pole Knees" (yes...seriously). I profiled him years ago on this blog, but the good ones are always worth coming back to.

When watching videos, the primary goal shouldn't be to copy what you're seeing, but to look for things you have already learned and how they are used in real time at a high level. Then, for those with enough ring experience, you can look beyond and see how each fighter adjusts the technique to suit their needs in the moment.

Personal skill is an important part of Muay Thai, but must not be prioritized over basic technique. The significance of this is best described with the common metaphor of building a skyscraper. Without proper support and foundation at the bottom, the building will eventually fall. Your basic technique should always be the priority upon which you eventually build your personal skill. Reversing the process may make you tricky and successful early on, but easy to crumble under serious pressure when the stakes are higher.

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