Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fighter Profile: Nopparat Keatkhamthorn

I think it's worth looking at Nopparat. He's a good and highly ranked fighter with some very big wins on his record. He's strong clincher. However, he's got one pitfall: opponents with strong punching skills. So it may be worth it to watch him a bit and see where he does well and where he doesn't.

Two time Lumpini champion (126lbs, 130lbs) & Thailand champion 130lbs
5 star chicken tournament finalist
S-1 Loutraki Casino, Greece Champion
Top 10 Thailand 130lbs

He's defeated two of the top dogs pound for pound in Thailand: Saenchai sor Kingstar and Orono Wor Pecthpun (both of which have been profiled on this blog).

However, he's run into Yodsanklai and Bovy Sor Udomson as well, and the results were different against these strong punchers. I'd definitely recommend watching his fight with Yod; it turned into a war towards the end

He also fought on the Contender Asia season 2 Qualifier/S-1 tournament.

Take a look:

vs Saenchai:

vs Orono:

vs Bovy:

vs Yodsanklai:

Vs Egon (Contender Qualifier):


  1. "Chicken tournament"? Sounds like a cowardly championship, lol

  2. lol. If I'm not mistaken it has to do with the promoter or sponsor of the tournament.

    A lot of high profile Nak Muay enter though. If I'm not mistaken, among them have been: Saenchai, Attachai, Namsaknoi, Kaew, Sagatpetch, Orono etc.

    It's a very "big deal" kind of tourney