Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our NEXT Tuesday Class, and National Muay Thai Day (March 17)

*this post will be edited as more details become available or change; check back often!*

Next week Tuesday, March 17 is National Muay Thai Day (Nai Khanomthom Day), as I posted in a previous entry.

To celebrate, our class on Tuesday March 17 will be held at Southside Muay Thai and Submission, one of our friends in Muay Thai.

It'll be an hour and a half class, and then a video presentation of some choice fights. The class should start around 6:30 and end at 8, and then we should be done everything by 9.

We will meet at Tait Mackenzie no later than 6:00, and arrange rides to go to Southside AND come back to York. If you can offer a ride to your fellow students, please let us know.

A thank you to Kru Jen and Southside for hooking us up with this great opportunity to celebrate this day and train with our friends. Take advantage of this great class and do not miss out!

A special thanks to Kru Pete and Mikey from SS for their support of our gym.

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