Thursday, March 5, 2009

Muaythai? or Muay Thai?

That's right. I'm dedicating a whole post on the space (or lack there of) between the words Muay and Thai.

Believe it or not, if you peruse the internet when you should be working (as I do), you'll find that "Muaythai" as one word is now the accepted name of the sport.

Quote Charissa Chan, Director Media Ventures, World Muaythai Council:

"Did you Know that the name of our sport is written Muaythai?

We officially changed Muay Thai to be Muaythai in 1999 as part of our GAISF application and also in accordance with the Olympic movement. World Muaythai Council officially endorses Muaythai to assist in our dream: one team for Muaythai at the Olympics.

WMC head office provides to members the Official Logo with Muaythai in one word. This logo is available from WMC headquarters in Thailand on"

You should know that an Olympic sport can't have a country's name in the title, so I'm guess that's why the two words are now being officially recognized as one.

Just an interesting piece of information for you, even if it is technically old news. It would be awesome to see Muaythai in the Olympics.

The IFMA (International Federation Muaythai Amateur) world championships...I'd imagine Olympic Muaythai to follow a similar format

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