Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"Beyond the Rope II: with Simon Marcus"- Sat Oct 3

Our family at Brampton Muay Thai is hosting a Simon Marcus seminar! Check out the itinerary below...

"Simon ''Bad Bwoy'' Marcus sits atop the worlds best when it comes to Muay Thai. As a friend, colleague and mentor to BMT, he'll be stopping by to help enrich and expand our knowledge/application of Muay Thai beyond the ropes, to improve our performance inside the ring.

Topics covered will be:
-Advanced Technical Sparring
-Advanced Bag Work
-Efficient clinching technique

Delivered as a 2 part series, the first session will be on October 3rd, and followed up with another session on Oct. 17th. 

Cost: $85 Cash

All levels welcome"

Can't make it? Stay tuned...word is there is a second part of the seminar going to be hosted later this month. 

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