Thursday, September 3, 2015

Thoughts on the knee

Unity of the body. 

No matter where you go, technique will always be taught a little differently (sometimes VERY differently). The same goes for watching professional fighters- each fighter will often adjust their technique to the situation that may sometimes break the conventions they'd otherwise teach to their students.

What I'm discussing today is foundation. The base technique which should be trained over and over, and be the base upon which one can build a higher level of performance.

Note Buakaw's shoulder, and the posture of his torso.

This is unity of the body. Commitment to technique.

There are 2 common misconceptions about knees. One is that they should be performed leaning back to reach a target, and the other is in twisting the shoulder backwards as your arms pull. The former is often caused by the latter- beginners or the less informed assume that pulling your arms back means twisting your torso, and therefore causes a lean back. This will be detrimental to:

1. Your power- you will have half of your body weight NOT supporting your strike.

2. Your balance- you will find resetting into your stance a slower task

3. Your body- the potential stress on your back is enormous

As you can see from the photos, a good basic knee doesn't require twisting. The arms can pull, but the shoulder on the side of the knee comes forward to support the body.

Note that Buakaw's head, support knee and shoulders line up.

This is unity of the body. Commitment to technique.

Leaning back is not needed to provide reach. Bringing your body INTO the strike, sending your weight into the direction of the target is the answer. 

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