Monday, September 14, 2015

Team/ Learn to Run at 7pm!!

Team running happening Monday to Thursday, leaving at 7pm sharp!  The fighters, aspiring fighters, and anyone who wants to train harder will all leave together. 

At those times on Mondays and Wednesdays, Terry hosts "Learn to Run"- new runners will have Terry to pace with them and make sure they finish a reasonable distance for their level of ability, while helping them save their joints with proper running form. 

Train as a team, not as an island. 

Even though each runner has their own pace, the team leaves together. With each week, always aspire to close some of the gap between yourself and the next fastest person. If you're the leader of the pack, try to ensure that gap never closes. We can all help push each other to the next level.

For many people running is painful and difficult experience. It challenges the spirit to continue moving forward. Don't just look at it as a chance for cardio vascular improvement, but to make the heart strong enough to push through any challenge you may come across.

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